Health Coach

Integrative holistic medical health coaching involves Dr. Rajan spending in-depth time helping you better understand your health and medical conditions and teaching you the Algorithm of SixTM on how to address the six common causes of most chronic diseases, which include problems with:

1. nutrition

2. exercise

3. sleep

4. stress management

5. isolation

6. environmental issues.

Utilizing the Algorithm of SixTM health manual he developed, Dr. Rajan has helped clients correct problems in these six areas through individualized education and guiding them to various treatments (both conventional and holistic alternative) as needed, and in doing so has helped them prevent and reduce their burden of disease and decrease their dependence on pharmaceuticals, medical procedures, and surgeries.



For weight loss, Dr. Rajan further refined the Algorithm of SixTM health manual into a one-page plan that is simple to execute and maintain.  

NO fad diets, NO calorie counting, NO stimulants, NO laxatives, NO hormones, NO prescription drugs, and NO medical procedures.  Dr. Rajan went back to the basics of ancient medical care: “Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.”

Dr. Rajan’s Algorithm of SixTM weight loss plan involves a one-page dietary guide of Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss, along with 4 high quality food-based supplements dosed therapeutically to boost metabolism, decrease excess caloric absorption, and improve satiety in order to ultimately promote long-term weight loss.

Ultimately, Dr. Rajan tested his own weight loss plan on himself in early 2016 and lost 20 lbs in 6 months from 175 lbs to 154 lbs – a weight loss he has sustsained ever since.  At least 50% of the weight loss was from the food-based supplements themselves, dosed therapeutically for maximal effect.  Exercise was limited to just 15 minutes a day of walking.

Having reached his ideal body weight, Dr. Rajan is ready to help you reach yours!  To learn more about Dr. Rajan’s Algorithm of SixTM weight loss plan please email or call 281-888-2406 for a free 30 minute phone consultation.



For examples of how health coaching works, read some examples from clients in their own words . . .